Consultation on National Numbering Plan

12 October 2006: Based on the responsibilities given in the Law on Telecommunications (UNMIK Regulation 2003/16, Section 37, 68 and 10) Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has started a consultation process on the National Numbering Plan for Telecommunications Services.

As part of the consultation process, initial meeting was held on the 15th of September 2006 with representatives of all telecommunications licensed operators. This was a technical expert level meeting, designed as a brainstorming session on the technical solutions for the Numbering Plan.

Based on the ideas presented in this meeting, TRA has produced a formal consultation paper, which can be downloaded from this page.

TRA encourages and welcomes all stakeholders to submit their written responses by 27th of October 2006, after which it will organize a formal meeting where stakeholders will have the chance to present their responses.

1st November 2006: TRA has received two formal responses from PTK and IPKONet on its Consultation Paper on Numbering Plan, issued on the 12th October 2006. TRA will review these responses and publish an official report as soon as possible.

27 November 2006: TRA has issued an official report on the responses received, and is looking to arrange another face-to-face meeting with all the stakeholders, before finalising its regulation on the Numbering Plan.

8th december 2006: Public Cobsultation involving respresentative of PISG institutions, licensed operators and media was held on the 8th december 2006 at TRA premissed. TRA powerpoint presentation from this meeting has been posted on this web-page.

It is expected that final Regulation on Numbering Plan will be approved by end of December 2006.

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