REGULATION Nr. 40 on Use frequency bands Exempt- Authorization and Technical conditions

This technical regulation (hereinafter referred to as 'Regulation') is issued  based on legal provisions, namely Article 10, paragraphs 4,  Article 46, paragraphs 1 and 2  (2.1), Article 47, paragraph 1, Article 54, paragraphs 2 (2.3) and (2.8) 4,  Article 98,  and Chapter VII of the Law No. 04/L-109 on Electronic Communications, and on international European documents of  CEPT, ECC and ETSI namely decisions, recommendations and reports laying down technical requirements and parameters for the use of radio frequencies.

The Board of Authority by Decision no. 1242   (No. pro.  046/B/18 dt. 03.08.2018)) has approved the Regulation on "Use of radio frequency bands exempted from individual authorization and technical conditions for use of radio equipment in these bands" (No. Prot. 046/B/18) dated 03.08.2018).

This Regulation determines the use of frequency resources (radio frequencies) for which no individual radio frequency authorization is required and defines the requirements to be met by a radio equipment during their use in frequency bands set out in this Regulation.