Regulation Nr.33 on Number Portability

Based on articles 1, article 3 paragraph 1), article 9, paragraph 3), point 2 and 3, article 10 paragraph 4), article 60, article 64, article 85 paragraph 7 point 3.2, of the Law Nr.04/L-109 for Electronic Communications (hereafter -Law); Directive  2009/136/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2009 amending Directive 2002/22/EC on Universal Service and users' rights relating to electronic communications networks and services, and Article 20 of the Internal Regulation (Ref. No.161 / 06) of the Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications (hereinafter referred to as the Authority has approved the Regulation on Number Portability for the subscribers of public electronic communicatuins services (Regulation No.33, Nr.Prot.043/B/17).

This Regulation determines the terms and conditions which shall be fulfilled by the operators of publicly available electronic communications services in order to offer number portability. It also addresses measures to make the switching process while retaining the number easy and fast in the benefit of the switching subscriber.