DECISION No. 903 (no. prot. 054/B/16) on Allocation of Geographic numbering blocks for usage by the enterprise ‘mts’ D.O.O‘

Pursuant to the Law No.04/L-109 on Electronic Communications, article 9, paragraph 1), article 45, paragraph 3), article 47, paragraph 1) and 10), article 58, paragraph 4), article 59, paragraph 1) (hereinafter referred as: Law); Regulation No. 26 on National Numbering Plan for Electronic Communications Networks in the Republic Kosovo (Ref. No. Prot. 023/B/ 14), articles, 4), 5), 7), 8), and 15) (hereinafter referred as: Numbering Plan); Point 3) of the Telecommunications Agreement between Kosovo and Serbia approved with Government Decision No.03/148; Government Decision No.07/70; Confirmation of notification for "mts" D.O.O. for provision of Fixed electronic communications network and services (Ref. No.Prot. 009/A/16-b); at the request of the enterprise (NewCo) "mts" D.O.O. dated 30 December 2015 (Ref. No.Prot.1056/ 2/15); in accordance with the provisions of Article 20 of the Internal Regulation of the Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications (hereinafter referred as;  ARKEP or Authority), Board of the Authority with Decision no. 903 has allocated Geographic Numbering blocks as it is specified in the Annex I of this Decision.