DECISION No. 904 on Allocation of Non-Geographic numbering block for usage by the enterprise “mts” D.O.O.

Pursuant to the Law No.04/L-109 on Electronic Communications, article 9, paragraph 1), article 45, paragraph 3), article 47, paragraph 1) and 10), article 58, paragraph 4), article 59, paragraph 1) (hereinafter referred as: Law); Regulation No. 26 on National Numbering Plan for Electronic Communications Networks in the Republic of Kosovo (Ref. No. Prot. 023/B/ 14), articles, 4), 5), 7), 8), and 16) (hereinafter referred as: Numbering Plan); Point 4) of the Telecommunications Agreement between Kosovo and Serbia approved with Government Decision No.03/148; Government Decision No.07/70; Confirmation of Notification for temporary authorization for "mts" D.O.O. for mobile telephony (Ref. No.Prot.009/A/16); at the request of the enterprise (NewCo) "mts" D.O.O. dated 30 December 2015 (Ref. No.Prot.1056/ 2/15); in accordance with the provisions of Article 20 of the Internal Regulation of the Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications (hereinafter referred as;  ARKEP or Authority), Board of the Authority with Decision no. 904 has allocated to the "mts" D.O.O. 60,000 (sixty thousand) non geographic numbers in the series 4x in accordance with the National Numbering Plan: (0)47: 100 000 - 159 999.