Participation of the TRA Board at the EPAP Meeting

Invited by the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT) the new TRA Board led by the Chairman, Mr. Ekrem Hoxha represented TRA in yesterday’s meeting of the subgroup Information Society and Media within the Infrastructure group. Mr. Hoxha confirmed that the Board has begun working and declared that the obligations and commitments from the Government policies and European Partnership Action Plan (EPAP) shall be considered a priority for TRA.

Mr. Ilir Imeri from TRA presented a detailed report on implementation of the EPAP on the telecommunications sector with a focus on:
-Market data, competition and plans;
-Personnel, TRA resources, including financial resources.

Mr. Hoxha emphasized that the TRA management and staff shall continuously engage to enhance the cooperation with institutional partners: MTC, Agency for Coordination, Development and European Integrations and other respective institutions.