TRA visits the Croatian Regulator

On 10 and 11 December 2009, a delegation from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), led by the Chairman of the Board, Mr.Ekrem Hoxha, visited the Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency, HAKOM, upon invitation of the latter.

The aim of this visit was to strengthen the cooperation between the two regulators in areas of common interest that is to be regulated through a future memorandum of understanding that will enable an exchange of experiences and best European practices towards development of telecoms sector.

The TRA delegation thanked the deputy Chairman of the HAKOM Council, Mr.Miljenko Krvišek and the executive director of HAKOM, Mr. Dražen Lučić, for readiness of their institution for cooperation and joint projects in a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience, with a workshop that shall be organized by HAKOM for TRA’s technical staff during the coming week.

This visit is a part of TRA management’s strategy for a long-term cooperation with regional and European telecoms regulators, towards achieving the goals of continuous growth of the telecoms sector, challenge management and integration into respective European and world mechanisms.