Press Release

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) under the legal mandate and objective to establish the legality in the telecommunications market of the Republic of Kosovo, on 24 September, 2010 has authorized the second Phase of implementation of the operation against illegal operators, users of the band / radio communication spectrum (frequency).

   In cooperation and assistance provided by the authorities responsible for public order and security the Phase II of the operation is implemented on 26th & 27th September, 2010. This phase had the objective of neutralizing the 23 base stations and telecommunications facilities located in 21 locations.

   In the case of termination of operation of Mobile Telephony services of illegal operators (MTS - Mobilna Telefonia Serbia) within 23 locations, there have been locations/stations containing –transmitting microwave systems PTP (Point-to-Point) that have interconnected - illegal mobile service in Kosovo with the system of MTS services in Serbia, and removal or suspension of such PTP microwave systems has been the inevitable need for the complete interruption of the illegal service and to make hardly difficult the re-activation of the mobile telephony service into these locations.  If TRA had removed or suspend only the GSM sector’s antennas without interconnected microwave systems, the possibility of re-activation would be the easiest and quickest feasible.

   Point-to-point microwave links as part of microwave backbone network of illegal mobile telephony operator MTS, in certain cases are used jointly for services  such as Internet and fixed telephony , and the suspension of such a line, terminates at the same time other services that have been multiplexed in that path (i.e. fixed telephony and the Internet received from non-authorized operators).

   As a result of the implementation of this phase of the operation, TRA confirms that all feasible objectives are met and with its official authority confirms that the core and main functional capacity of the illegal operators of telecommunications services in the territory of Republic of Kosovo is cut off, excluding Northern part which will remain subject to further assessment of the technical and it's security aspects. For TRA the process of preventing and stopping the use of illegal and unlawful use of limited frequency resources throughout the territory of Republic of Kosovo, will be permanent and is kept under constant supervision.

   The TRA emphases, as in the case of Phase I of this operation implemented on April 2010, that the re-authorization and undertaking of these legal actions are not directed against any particular ethnicity or country, but to all those operators who do not respect legal norms in force.

   TRA strongly reaffirms its commitment to the operation of law and order and regulation of electronic communications market, with the purpose and objective of creating environment and the encouragement of investors in the telecommunications sector and electronic communications.

   The TRA makes clear to the general public, that it should be clear by now that any efforts by illegal operators and their supporters that re-activation and restart of  non-authorized services , for sure will not be successful .TRA will follow with consistency any activity in this field and with time will authorize necessary action.