Press Release

Prishtina, 26 April 2010

  Telecommunications Regulatory Authority on April 23 and 24, 2010 has successfully developed the operation in terms of eliminating illegal antennas of mobile telephony operators located within the territory of the Republic of Kosovo. This action is taken in order to implement the legal obligation that derives from the Telecommunications Law.

  Five professional ART teams and specialist contractors accompanied by competent officials of tax administration and specialized police forces of Kosovo under the operational plan designed and approved by the TRA board, over the past two days have stopped, dismantle the equipments of the 26 telecommunication base stations (BTS) located in 22 locations in various parts of the territory of the Republic of Kosovo.

  At this stage TRA considers the action as completed but states attention in the telecommunications market. Determination to establish and maintain legitimacy in this area remains in the high level. Any deployment of telecommunication equipment without prior permission of the TRA will be considered illegal and will be treated as such.

  Meanwhile, the TRA monitoring teams on the following days will make new measurements to examine in more detail the effect of the action taken on the April 23 and 24, 2010 so that they serve data for analysis of the new situation in ground and assess the need for other actions to counter illegal activities within our territory.