Based on Article 8.1 of the Rules of the Auction, ARKEP has received in its address the following requests for the Auction for the allocation of the right of use of the frequency bands for the BWA service in the 3400 - 3800 MHz band on the following points:

3.2.1 Equipped with general authorizations and/or License...

Is it sufficient to present the Proof from ARKEP that the participant is Authorized/possesses the License or is it obligatory to present the copy of the Authorization/License (the copy of original/ certified from the notary)?

Documentary proof: For the licensed undertakings from ARKEP there is no need for the certification from the notary, the copy of the License/Authorization, while for the licensed/authorized undertakings from the homologue authority in the place of the origin should be provided a copy of the certified document from the notary.

3.2.2 Has been active in the last three years in providing electronic communications services...

What document should be provided in order to prove that? Do we need to have a confirmation from ARKEP that proves the activity of the undertaking in the last three years?


Documentary proof: a document released from ARKEP or a homologue institution in the place of origin that confirms that the undertaking has been active in the last three years.

3.2.4 Payment of the administrative tax for the participation in sum of 2,500.00.

The proof of the payment of the tax has to be withdrawn in ARKEP!


Based on the Regulation 03/2010 for the Revenues, all the payments of the taxes should be performed as per the waybills/invoices which should be taken from the relevant institution, ARKEP in this case.

5.3 Each participant in the auction should nominate not more than 2 (two) authorized representatives... 

Is it obligatory that both authorized participants to sign the declaration of the conformity, article 6.5.1 (Annex 3)?


Both authorized representatives in the auction should sign the declaration of the conformity.

Question 1:

Could you please tell me about the technology that might be used with that frequency band? Can we use fixed wireless access technologies; mobile technologies; or both?

Answer 1:

Based on The National Plan of Radio Frequencies, approved by the Republic of Kosovo Assembly, according to the Decree No. 04-V-93, date June 03, 2011, the bands 3400 - 3600 MHz and 3600 - 3800 MHz are allocated for broadband mobile services - BWA.

In addition, CEPT framework states the recommendations, reports and decisions as follows:


1)      ECC Report 33 (February, 2006)

2)      ECC Report 100 (February, 2007)

3)      ECC Recommendation (04)05 (February, 2006)

4)      ECC Decision (07)02 (March, 2007)

5)      ECC Decision (11)06


Question 2:

Is there any technology restriction? Or is it technology - neutral auction?

Answer 2:

In compliance with the Law on Electronic Communications (No. 04/L-109), National Plan and Table of Allocation and Use of Radio Frequencies as well as EU decision 2008/411/EC for the band 3400 - 3800 MHz, the Authority shall promote this spectrum available on a technology neutral basis:

  • The band 3400 - 3600 MHz, is divided into four (4) blocks. The blocks are split into capacities of 2 x 20 MHz at a national level and planned for FDD technologies.
  • The band 3600 - 3800 MHz, is divided into twenty (20) blocks. The blocks are split into capacities of 10 MHz at a national level and planned for TDD technologies.