“Information for Public Consultation process of the Draft document "National Radio Frequency Plan for Kosovo”

Pursuant to Article 6 paragraph 2.1, Article 10 paragraph 1, Article 45 paragraph 2, Article 46 paragraph 3, Article 54 paragraph of the Law on Electronic Communications No. 04 / L-109 (hereinafter referred to as the Law or LKE) and Article 13 paragraph 1) and 5) of the Statute of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic and Postal Communications (hereinafter referred to as - the Authority or RAEPC), the Board of the Authority with DECISION No. 1950  (no. Prot. 034 / B / 22) has approved the start of public consultation Draft - document "Information for Public Consultation process of the Draft document "National Radio Frequency Plan for Kosovo".

The National Radio Frequency Plan of Kosovo is a document that defines the frequency bands for different services and sets the basic conditions for the allocation of frequencies, in order to effectively use the radio frequency spectrum and avoid interference.

The National Radio Frequency Plan for Kosovo has been prepared for the frequency range from 8.3 kHz to 3000 GHz, according to the recommendations and international decisions of ECC / CEPT (25 ERO / CEPT Report, 2020 version), European Allocation Chart and Frequency applications as well as according to national needs, in order to meet the requirements of users and industry for the most efficient use of frequency resources.

The stakeholder consultation process for this plan starts on the date 6  Jun  2022 and ends on 05 July 2022, while comments can be sent to email addresses; visar.halimi@arkep-rks.orggresa.istrefi@arkep-rks.org or info@arkep-rks.org